Quiz: What is your skin type?

You’ve heard about dry, oily, combination, sensitive, and normal skin types but which one is yours? Our skincare experts are here to help! After all, understanding your skin’s needs will help you know exactly how to take care of it. Also, as we age, change our diets, and experience hormonal changes, our skin types can change! Take our little quiz below to discover your skin’s current desires.

  1. How does your skin feel when you wake up?
    a. Thirsty
    b. Already greasy
    c. dry in some areas and oily in my T-zone
    d. Just fine
    e. Itchy or irritated
  2. Your pores are _______.
    a. basically non-existent
    b. large
    c. somewhat larger than average
    d. barely visible
    e. Who cares? Let’s talk about these red patches!
  3. Your complexion is _______.
    a. dull
    b. shiny
    c. shiny in certain areas
    d. radiant
    e. rough, splotchy or flushed
  4. How often do you breakout?
    a. Almost never
    b. Regularly
    c. Every once in a while, especially with hormonal fluctuations
    d. Never
    e. When I do, it’s accompanied by inflammation.
  5. When does your skin become noticably oily?
    a. What’s oil?
    b. As soon as I wake up
    c. By lunchtime
    d. Rarely or never
    e. My skin feels a bit rough or irritated by lunchtime, but not much oil.
  6. What are your biggest skin concerns?
    a. Fine lines and dry patches
    b. All over blemishes/shine
    c. Blackheads or blemishes in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin)
    d. My skin feels great for the most part.
    e. Itching, burning, dryness, or roughness
  7. After being in the sun, your skin _______.
    a. rarely burns but gets dry and flaky
    b. tans easily
    c. burns then tans
    d. rarely burns
    e. burns easily
  8. I can’t live without _______.
    a. rich moisturizer
    b. acne/oil control pads
    c. balancing toner
    d. makeup remover
    e. redness relief cream
  9. My favorite makeup is _______.
    a. a moisturizing foundation
    b. a powder foundation
    c. a creamy foundation with matte finish
    d. a bit of blush
    e. sunscreen
  10. Which of the following statements is true?
    a. I wish my skin was softer/more youthful.
    b. I wish I could control my breakouts/shine.
    c. I’m more or less happy with my skin but need balance.
    d. I’m happy with my skin but would like tips on maintenance and prevention of future damage.
    e. I wish my skin would just calm down.

Mostly A’s – Dry

If you got mostly A’s, your skin type is probably dry. You give your skin moisture day after day and it never seems to be enough. You may notice fine lines, lack of elasticity, or irritation/inflammation due to constant dryness.

Tips: Make sure to use a professional exfoliating scrub before you moisturize. Also, avoid long, hot baths/showers and cranking the heat up during the winter. Certain medications and ingredients in makeup or skincare products could also be causing your skin to dry out so do a little research on what’s in the products you use.

Glo Therapeutics Product Recommendations: Conditioning Milk Cleanser, B5 Hydration, Brightening Polish, Restorative Cream, and Restorative Mask

Transformations Service Recommendations: Hydradermie Treatment, Beaute Neuve Double Peeling Treatment, HydraFacial, or Youthful Transformation

Mostly B’s – Oily

If you got mostly B’s, your skin type is probably oily. You notice greasiness and shine throughout the day and go through blotting pads like bobby pins. Your skin is also prone to breakouts and blackheads due to high oil production. On the bright side, your skin is less prone to fine lines and wrinkles and sun damage than other skin types.

Tips: Your oil production could be caused by stress, hormonal changes, certain medications, seasonal changes, or even an overuse of skincare products. The key is to find a good balance of products to control oil while keeping your skin’s PH balanced. Avoid touching your face throughout the day and make sure to clean your phone regularly to help prevent breakouts. Most of all, make sure you are taking time to take care of YOU!

Glo Therapeutics Product Recommendations: Purifying Gel Cleanser, Purifying Tonic, and Oil Control Emulsion

Transformations Service Recommendations: Purifying Treatment, HydraFacial, or customized Transformations Glo Facial

Mostly C’s – Combination

If you got mostly C’s, your skin type is probably combination. Most of your oil production can be found in your T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin), making those areas prone to blackheads and breakouts while the rest of your skin could range from normal to the dry side.

Tips: Like dry or oily skin, your balance issues could be caused by hormonal changes, certain medications, or stress. Using the right products is the answer to balancing things out. Also, avoid picking and let your products do the work!

Glo Therapeutics Product Recommendations: Hydrating Gel Cleanser, Purifying Tonic, and Oil Free Moisturizer

Transformations Service Recommendations: Purifying Treatment, HydraFacial, Hydradermie Treatment, or customized Transformations Glo Facial

Mostly D’s – Normal 

If you got mostly D’s, your skin type is probably normal. Lucky you! You have few imperfections, a radiant complexion, and hardly ever experience breakouts or irritation.

Tips: Everyone can benefit from some sort of skincare regimen. Make sure to always remove your makeup before bed and use sunscreen before leaving home.

Glo Therapeutics Product Recommendation: Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+ and Lip Revival (because lips need love too)

Transformations Service Recommendations: Transformations Glo Facial

Mostly E’s – Sensitive

If you got mostly E’s, your skin type is probably sensitive. You may experience red, itchy, and dry skin on a regular basis and your breakouts are likely accompanied by inflammation. You may also have premature wrinkling and flaky patches. You probably notice things get worse with very cold or very hot weather.

Tips: While your issues could be genetic, your skin may be sensitive due to certain medications or ingredients in makeup or skincare products. So, read your labels critically and build a strong skincare regimen using professional products designed for sensitive skin.

Product Recommendations: Gentle Cream Cleanser, Calming Flower Mist, Balancing Moisture Remedy, and Cucumber Recovery Mask

Transformations Service Recommendations: Hydradermie Treatment or customized Transformations Glo Facial with Cool Globe Therapy

Disclaimer: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only and not intended to take the place of a skincare professional, however, it might give you a good idea of what to expect!

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