How To Find Your Hygge

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s often the simple things in life that end up having the most meaningful impact. That’s the whole premise behind Hygge. For those who haven’t heard of Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga” – it’s a Danish lifestyle that’s all about being warm and cozy. It’s not just a passing trend. It’s a way of life that we strive to incorporate as much as possible, especially during the holidays. So, we thought we would share some of our favorite ways to find our own Hygge. Enjoy!

  1. Take a warm bath.

    This is a popular one. And it never gets old. Taking a bath is a classic way to relax and get that “me time” we all deserve.
    *Tip: Take your bath to the next level by filling the room with candles and adding essential oils or epsom salt to your water. 

  2. Make yourself a cup of hot tea.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of tea it is. You can go with a healthy green or dirty chai with extra whipped cream…and chocolate sauce. The goal is to feel good. So, create whatever drink suits your fancy.
    * Tip: Make sure to warm your hands with your mug and savor each sip.

  3. Burn your favorite candle.

    We’ve all felt the power of aromatherapy – from our favorite oil blend to the smell of freshly baked bread. Scented candles aren’t necessary for Hygge, though. The warm glow alone creates a relaxing and welcoming ambiance in your home.

  4. Snuggle with a pet or loved one.

    Being close to the people and animals you love has a powerful effect. Some super science-y studies have shown stress levels and blood pressure are significantly reduced simply by petting an animal.

  5. Look at animal photos.

    Don’t have a pet? That’s OK! There are tons of them on the internet. In fact, our Get Happy board on Pinterest is chock-full of animal cuties! Just don’t stare at your phone all day, because that is NOT very Hygge.

  6. Work on a puzzle or read a book.

    Keeping your mind busy with simple but reasonably challenging tasks will help to keep depression and cabin fever at bay.

  7. Go for a walk.

    Spending time in nature is great way to reconnect and feel grounded. Try hitting up your local park or state forest and just pretend you’re in another world for a while.
    *Tip: Be sure to bring a warm drink and a cozy scarf.

  8. Wear sweatpants ALL day.

    Yes, all day. Do it.

  9. Eat something savory.

    It could be your mom’s famous chicken and dumplings, a plate of fried chicken, or a batch of chocolate chip cookies…with bacon? Maybe? Whatever it is, make sure it’s warm, savory, and comforting. That’s the key.

  10. Take a nap or meditate.

    Give yourself at least 30 minutes to slow down your breath and allow your worries dissipate. Imagine your problems as leaves falling from a tree. You could also close your eyes and think of all the things you’re thankful for. Or you can say a prayer for the wellbeing of those you love. Whatever brings peace to your mind…do that. If nothing else, take a luxurious nap to recharge. We prefer doing all of the above!


How do you Hygge? Share with us in the comments!

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