How To Get Clearer Skin In 10 Days

OK, so it might not take exactly 10 days, but we just watched How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days and we’re in the rom com spirit. This way to clearer skin!

  1. Wash your pillowcases.

    Once a week, toss your pillowcases in the laundry. You don’t want to wear yesterday’s dirt, oil, sweat, and makeup, do you?

  2. Sanitize your phone.

    Have you ever heard your phone is 10x dirtier than a toilet seat? Whether that’s true or not, your hands are the culprit. You touch a lot of things throughout the day, then you use those hands to text. Then your phone touches your face…which brings us to the next tip.

  3. Stop touching your face.

    Your hands encounter all kinds of bacteria, dirt, and who knows what else every day. So keep your mitts off! If you’re about to do an extraction or apply makeup with your fingers, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands! And on that note…

  4. Keep your makeup brushes clean.

    Whether you use a sponge or brushes, make sure to keep them nice and clean! Our favorite brush cleaner is the Glo Brush Cleaner. It smells like the Capri Blue Volcano candle!

  5. Develop a good skin care regimen.

    There are many things you can do to prevent breakouts but perhaps the most important is developing a proper skincare regimen. And Transformations is a great place to begin. Our estheticians are extremely knowledgeable and ready to help you get started.

    Here are some of our favorite products for clearing up your skin:

    Daily Polishing Cleanser – Effectively cleanses and exfoliates using a unique powder formula. Environmentally-friendly Jojoba Beads and modified cellulose provide gentle mechanical exfoliation to slough away dull cells to boost the effectiveness of added brighteners. Leaves skin radiant and with a more even tone.

    Daily Polishing Cleanser

    Renew Serum – Helps stimulate mild exfoliation, improving the appearance of texture with Retinol, Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid. Level 1 smoothing: draws out impurities, minimizing the look of pores for clearer, refined skin.

    Renew Serum
    Refining Mask – Oil-absorbing, purifying clays and skin-clearing Sulfur target oily, congested and problematic skin. Helps deeply cleanse impurities and debris from the skin to balance, reduce the appearance of pores and refine skin’s texture.
    Clear Skin Spot Treatment – Battles breakouts at the root by eliminating acne-causing bacteria and preventing future flare ups with a powerful dose of Benzoyl Peroxide.


Want to learn more about your skin type? Take our quiz!

Get more skincare tips from our previous post, 10 Skincare Habits You Need To Develop In Your 20s and 30s.


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