March + April Specials

Raise your hand if you’re ready for warmer weather! We’ve got a spring menu that will help shake off the winter blues and lift your spirits. Make sure to scroll to the bottom to check out our FEATURED $99 Special and other seasonal spa packages.

Lavender is in the air! We’ve got a brand new mani & pedi that we’re calling Lavender Sunset. Lavender is known to have a calming effect which will help brighten your day, while at the same time, getting your hands and feet spring ready. The best part? ALL of the products used in this treatment are all-natural!

Next up, we have our NEW Blushing Agave Honey Butter Massage! This treatment includes gentle dry brushing (great for cellulite reduction), plus a massage using our hydrating agave nectar body oil that is chock full of vitamins. You’ll also get to enjoy a hand and foot treatment with our nourishing Sunflower Honey Butter.

Last but not least, enjoy our new Radiance Facial. This is the perfect facial to transition your skin from winter to spring. It includes our Hydra Radiance Peel and professional vitamin C mask.

april current harvest png


march april specials 2019

Give us a call at 317-882-1773 to reserve your appointment.

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