July + August Specials


It’s FINALLY starting to feel like summer! We don’t know about you, but personally, we thought it was NEVER going to happen. Hopefully, monsoon season is a thing of the past and we will have sunny skies from now until forever (we wish, it is Indiana after-all).

This summer, we’ve cooked up a delicious menu of services. Maybe you can’t get away this year? Maybe you need a vacation from your vacation? Whatever the case, we’ve got your back. Our spa-cation and beach babe packages will make you feel like you’re on the beach, with your toes in the sand, drinking a pina colada.

Don’t forget, the first day of school is right around the corner. We created a back to school beauty makeover specifically for teenagers.


july august specials 2019


Our current harvest menu is chock full of sweet goodness that will cool you off and make you feel refreshed after a day in the sun. With notes of watermelon, basil, and peach our seasonal mani & pedi is the perfect summer treat!

july august current harvest 2019

Give us a call at 317-882-1773 to reserve an appointment

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