Three Fall Must Have Trends to Try!

WE LOVE fall! Doesn’t everyone? From the crisp mornings to the apple cider, pumpkin patches to Pumpkin Spice Lattes we are all about this time of season! Here are some of the fall trends we can’t wait to share and try on all of our favorite clients!




With the change of season, comes with the time to spice things up! We are loving the rich, deep tones of haircolor sweeping through this fall season. From dark auburns to cool browns, all of these tones can match up perfect to anyone’s unique style!


2. Embrace the Braids:


We’ve seen this trend take off during summer because it was an easy thing to do right? Put your hair up during a hot, humid day and that’s a wrap! Now, you can do different types of braids as we head into the colder seasons. You can and add a headband, scarf or barrettes to add some flare to your look!


3. The Bob is Making a Comeback:




Yep, you heard it. That 90’s bob? It’s back again, but this time with an added punch. There’s so many different styles you can do with the bob! Make it short and blunt, add some bands, or texture it and you’ll be in full swing fall trend mode. Want to book an appointment to get you into the fall spirit? Give us a call at 317-882-1773!

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