Extensions At Transformations!

Looking to step up your hair game for the holidays? Well, if you’re in the market to completely transform the way you look and feel, than extensions may just be right up your alley! Extensions are used for a variety of reasons; (and they are all important too! 🙂  Either you’re looking for length, & dimension, or volume and fullness. Extensions can also be used as a great tool to heal damaged hair. A common myth from extensions is they can damage your hair- and in some cases that might be true (depending on the installer, and the technique) BUT typically when you install extensions to damaged hair it acts as a protective barrier between washing and styling so your own hair can change heal and grow as it’s shielded by the extentions- you’re even trying to heal your natural hair to begin with. Regardless of where you are with your hair journey our stylists can sit and discuss what options may be best for you as you take your hair to the next level!

At Transformations we use with Tape-ins from Hotheads Hair Extensions. They are human hair, adhesive weft extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat. The process is very seamless and the look and feel is superior to other brands on the market! We can customize each set of extensions by hair color, and type of hair, creating a natural yet stunning look you’ve always dreamed of! Have questions or want to learn more? We offer free consultations to discuss steps, maintenance and cost. 

Check out this our before and afters below! 





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