NEW Specials

NEW specials are hot off of the press! This season we are focusing on SPACATIONS 💆‍♀️⛱☀! We know there are many of you who aren’t able to get away this year. Just because you can’t go to your favorite vacation destination doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get some much needed rest and relaxation. That’s where we can help you!

With our featured packages and $99 special we make it easy to get some “me time”. Our $99 special is always a crowd pleaser. This season it’s extra special because it’s cutomizable based on what YOU want! Make sure to check out our “Beach Babe” and “Spacation” packages. Treat yourself or a friend….better yet, come in together!

Interested in scheduling an appointment? Give us a call, our support team staff will be happy to help! 317-882-1773

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