How To Get Clearer Skin In 10 Days

OK, so it might not take exactly 10 days,┬ábut we just watched How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days and we're in the rom com spirit. This way to clearer skin! Wash your pillowcases. Once a week, toss your pillowcases in the laundry. You don't want to wear yesterday's dirt, oil, sweat, and makeup, … Continue reading How To Get Clearer Skin In 10 Days


The Truth About Chemical Peels

When people hear the term 'chemical', they might envision bio hazard symbols or green ooze in their minds, especially those of us who grew up with Batman and Nickelodeon cartoons. Axis Chemicals, anyone? However, there are ALL KINDS of chemicals. Many of them occur naturally in our bodies and the foods we eat. But, today … Continue reading The Truth About Chemical Peels